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Since 2017, we have been working hard to build and foster an international community of students interested in innovations in medical education. Our goal is to continue doing so while helping medical students around the world leverage this incredible network.

Our Vision

To connect students interested in LICs and longitudinal clinical programs internationally, play a persistent role in advising CLIC leadership on the student perspective, promote some of the brightest and innovative interdisciplinary collaborations on student research projects, and ensure the student and patient voice is heard in the co-design of transformed clinical education.


Our Mission

  • Promote the LIC scholarly experience and other longitudinal models in medical education

  • Foster an international community and build LIC student peer support (including alumni peer support)

  • Provide access to alumni mentors, financial and academic resources, and faculty advisors within the CLIC network

  • Encourage student participation in and leadership of scholarly projects and research collaborations

  • Support students financially to attend/present at conferences and educational forums

What we've achieved (To be Updated Soon)

  • Connected over XX hundred medical students, covering XX states in the US, and XX countries worldwide

  • Established an alumni network that converges over XX medical professionals from around the world

  • Provided scholarships to XX LIC students to attend medical education conferences

  • Helped launch XX collaborative student projects through our network

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