Aging in the context of the society and communities in which we live. What are your own feelings about the aging process? What are the feelings expressed by those around you (colleagues, patients, caregivers, family and friends)? What are the positive and negative associations that you have with aging? What do you look forward to and what do you fear about aging? Recall a conversation or interaction you had with someone about aging, or which made you think about the aging process. What thoughts and feelings did it ignite? How do we respond to those who are aging in our medical practice? How do we honor the wisdom of our elders? How do we fall short? How does seeing other people age impact your thoughts and feelings about our own aging?

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Author: Travis Williams


I don’t think you’ve spoken a comprehensible word

during the entire visit.

It’s only been





and occasional outbursts.

But your mother

sits as stoic

as Beowulf.

She never wavers

and beams with pride

as you stride the room.




are all you’ll continue to be

judged by.

palm tree.jpeg

Author: Ray Antonelli


Through frosted pane
of hospital window
I glimpse wisps of smoke from distant chimneys.
They, in their cozy warm homes
Hunker down for winter,
while I in hospital bed
gaze into beloved daughter's worried eyes,
listen to young doctor's hushed voice.

I know even better than they:
I am dying.
My lungs are full,
I cannot stand,
cannot walk,
my sickly skin sallows.

Make no mistake,
I am dying.

But my daughter,
well, she's bringing me to Florida!
And I'm gonna feel the warm glow

of that Florida sunshine on my skin one last time.

Worry not, sweet daughter!
Fear not, young doctor!
For I shall feel that balmy Florida breeze on my skin
For I have felt it countless times
For I have traveled foreign lands
For I have gathered my children in my arms
And shown them the fullest breadth of my love

For I, I am not afraid
and I'm gonna feel that hot Florida sunshine
bathe my skin one last time

And I'm gonna cast off
these lungs
this heart
fly from this broken body,
and that dazzling Florida sun
Is gonna glisten on my wings

So let me ride that wide open highway
To Florida
With the sky stretching out before me
And my daughter at the wheel
And don't shed those tears for me,
Because I'm goin' to Florida baby!
I'm gonna feel the heat of that sunshine
warm my skin
one last time